Brooks Bay


Brooks Bay


Brief:  Family Home - 3 Bedroom

Location: Brooks Bay, Tasmania

Climate:  Cool Temperate

Architect:  Third Skin

Area:  183m2 + 45m2 Decks


Habitech panels are perfectly suited to cold climates where building insulation and sealing are paramount. This house is located a sloping bush site at Brooks Bay (75km south of Hobart) with spectacular north and east views over the mouth of the Huon River.  Despite its large external wall area, this house achieves an eight-star energy rating with standard double glazing and no internal thermal mass other than its concrete slabs.

Our clients wanted a high performance, low maintenance holiday house which could be occupied by anywhere from two to ten people. The design approach adopted was to break the house into three pavilions which are oriented to the sun and views.  The pavilions allow the house to be effectively zoned to avoid unnecessary heating when the house isn’t fully occupied.  The pavilions are cut into the site hillside to create sheltered outdoor spaces to cope with the frequently adverse weather and to maximise connections to the site.

The design achieves BAL29 compliance.

2017 Update: Our Brooks Bay project is now providing waterfront luxury accommodation and is available for bookings! You may find it online under 'Fair Winds Tasmania'.