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Are you in the process of considering your options for designing and building a new home?

Here are some things to consider to determine so Habitech can provide a high performance solution that suits your needs:

Make a list of all the rooms you'll need

This is very important to determine the area requirements of your desired home. With these rooms in mind, then add more detail about the functions, feel and fit-out of specific spaces. Even if it is a wish list, this can help explain what your ideal is and the sort of spaces and detailing you like. 

Compile any documentation you already have

This may include a copy of the title, sewerage or plumbing plans, previous town planning information or building applications.

It does help to make initial enquiries to your local Council to find out what planning scheme provisions may apply to your property.  Alternately, we can undertake these enquiries as part of our Concept Design stage for you. If you choose this option we will gather all the planning and site information required to start designing your house for the site.



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