Healthy Homes

One of the greatest benefits our homes offer is the healthy indoor environments they create for you and your family.

Not only does a super-insulated building fabric radically reduce energy demands, it also provides you with a more comfortable living environment. 

With our fully sealed building fabric/shell being able to control how outside air moves through our houses, you can control how and when fresh air is circulated through your living spaces.

Comfortable Temperatures Year 'Round

Investing in a highly insulated house buffers out the cold of winter and the hot and dusty air of extreme summer days.

The insulation provided by our modular components not only reduces active heating and cooling requirements, it also provides stable and comfortable internal temperature. Avoiding the extreme swings in outside air temperatures, your living spaces remain comfortable with minimal temperature variations. 

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Indoor Air Pollution

The internal air in many modern buildings has been shown to contain high level of Volatile Organic Compound gasses that are detrimental to human health. Being beyond the scope of any building regulations to measure or control, this can lead to many modern homes failing to provide healthy indoor living environments for you and your family. 

While Habitech's building components do not contain any products that release dangerous chemicals, the role of any building materials are usually far outweighed by pollutants from:

  • carpets

  • furnishing and upholstery

  • curtains

  • various plastics in appliances and consumer goods

While we believe it will take a while for the wider industry to deliver the levels of air-sealing the energy efficiency provisions of our building regulations already call for, the health impacts of indoor air pollutants is only set to increase.

For these reasons, as well as general comfort, we incorporate the design of fresh air systems into all our house designs.

Fresh Air - Passive Ventilation

Our sustainable design thinking always leads us to look for simple passive solutions - usually delivered for free by the natural systems we rely on. 

We use a range of simple and practical design strategies to ensure our designs contain effective and practically operated passive ventilation air paths, including:

  • full height doors - allowing effective air-flow underneath ceilings

  • cross-ventilation - operable window sections that allow for effective air-flow

  • overnight ventilation (night purging) - windows that are secure, weatherproof and screened to enable them to be left open while you are out or asleep

  • door catches - a simple and practical consideration to ensure breezes do not slam internal doors.

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Fresh Air - Heat Recovery Ventilation

Habitech homes use heat recovery ventilation systems. These guarantee the circulation of filtered fresh air throughout our houses. 

This European technology allows polluted and stale air to be exhausted from the house, with incoming air being passed by it, to transfer 90% of the heat or coolth (yes, it is a word) from exhausted air, into the fresh incoming air supply. This allows us to maintain fresh air flows without the need to open windows and let in 4 degree or 35 degree air.

Our houses are designed with ducts that move low background volumes of fresh air throughout the home based on:

  • exhaust ducts - removing moist and polluted air from bathrooms, toilets and kitchen areas

  • supply ducts - distributing fresh air to living and sleeping spaces

Our heat recovery systems also help distribute heated and cooled air throughout the home and maintain temperatures, as different living zones may need. 


The acoustic properties of our wall panels also provide better acoustic performance than standard construction, creating quieter living areas able to lower outside noise pollution.