Moonee ponds extension


moonee ponds extension

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Brief:  1 Bedroom detached extension

Location: Moonee Ponds, Melbourne

Climate:  Latitude 37.8

Architect: Third Skin

Area:  57.5m2 + shared courtyard 28m2 

This studio addition is another example of the use of our system in areas of difficult access, with the site of the existing 1920's house sloping fairly steeply towards the rear, without much space between adjacent houses.

There is also a great view to the south and west which the family enjoy from the existing raised rear deck.

The proposal is for the extended family to cohabit, with the parents to live in the new studio while younger generation take over the existing spaces. There are to be shared facilities in the new addition and the existing, with bedrooms split between the buildings.

This saves infrastructure for all and reduces the building required to link such varying levels of the site, while providing the necessary privacy for each generation. The new living room overlooks the more private western garden as well as the central courtyard, using the slope of the land to allow a lofted ceiling.

The external spaces are considered carefully to provide the same variation of privacy and community, while also optimising the solar access for the productive western garden, planned to be rejuvenated. Form of the upper addition and the low-lying southern spaces have been located for least obstruction to the views from the existing house to the east.