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Brief:  Family Home - 5 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom, 2 Living

Location: Dynnyrne , Tasmania

Climate:  Temperate

Architect:  Third Skin

Area:  210m2 + 35m2 Garage


The proposed house is located at a sloping site at Dynnyrne, a sought after suburb Southwest of the city of Hobart. Oriented towards the views over River Derwent, the brief was requested for a sustainable family home that frames the scenery of Mt.Wellington.

The design intends to provide a family home that accommodates for 3 children with direct garden access for outdoor activities. The master suite on the top level and the guest room will share the central living level, both enjoying views of the city of Hobart, stretching towards the horizons of Mt.Wellington and beyond.

The building site at Dynnyrne is a steep grassland, with undulating levels and restricted access throughout the site. Habitech Systems method of prefabrication therefore provides a solution to the construction on this more difficult topography. Road access from only the upper street restricts both construction process and the inhabitants' vehicle access so the house is planned from upper level arrival down to the children's level at the lower garden.

With a definite budget set by the residential property market conditions in Hobart, the internal fit out is intended to be initially modest with a future refit planned, allowing the large program of accommodation to be constructed. This emphasis on investment in the building construction and performance over easily upgrade-able internal fit-out formed part of the original brief and aligns with Habitech's  usual approach to our projects. A set of specified fittings and finishes contributes to a sustainable building budget.

The building is oriented North, down slope, to allow an optimum passive solar performance throughout the house. A set of cascading living modules was implemented in response to the sloping site, giving all spaces a wide open view of the valley. The descent through the house from the upper entry and garage arrival, following the site's slope, down to the garden at the lowest level, makes the experience of this unique location the organising principle of the layout, while minimising circulation space. The application of lightweight timber floor structure allowed for minimal groundwork, while our Habitech wall panels and roof systems balanced cost against the proposed floor area. A set of specified fittings and finishes would contribute to a sustainable building budget.

With a North-oriented and multi-terraced module, our design was able to achieve a passive solar performance. The integration of highly insulated Habitech thermal envelope ensures a comfortable household all year round, minimising the need for reverse cycle heating and cooling. Future installation of solar PV panels will offset existing energy use extensively, once on-site battery storage becomes cost effective in the Tasmanian climate. This would then allow the current provision of gas hot water and cooking to be removed as its costs rise.