Sustainable Homes Would Be A Win For Everyone

Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) and the CRC for Low Carbon Living has just released a new roadmap aimed at encouraging home builders, real estate agents and land developers to engage in the market for sustainable homes.

Growing the Market for Sustainable Homes: Industry Roadmap presents a win for builders, consumers, the economy and the environment. The report finds that accelerating Australia’s transition to sustainable housing would deliver more than half a billion dollars of extra investment in the construction industry by 2030. It would also create more than 7,000 new jobs and save Australians $600 million on their energy bills. However there are a number of significant barriers to overcome, as Suzanne Toumbourou, ASBEC’s Executive Director, explains “builders lack scale and face significant barriers. Consumers are unclear of their choices. Home builders are locked into business models and supply chains that limit innovation. And financiers don’t value sustainable homes.”

The report proposes a ‘Sustainable Homes Transition Roadmap’ with four clearly defined steps to address these barriers:

  1. Differentiate sustainable housing in the market

  2. Train and reward the construction industry

  3. Build awareness

  4. Broadcast the positive business case.

Read the report here: