Mt. Wellington Pavilion a Steep Site with Incredible Views

Our project in Dynnyrne, Tasmania, Mt. Wellington Pavilion, is about to get underway with construction starting soon.

The project is located in a sought after suburb southwest of the city of Hobart on a sloping site with incredible views of the city, the River Derwent and Mt. Wellington. Our wall panel system provides a simple solution to the steep topography and restricted site access, creating a sustainable family home with multi-level living modules orientated north to enjoy the beautiful vistas whilst achieving optimum passive solar performance throughout the house.

Take a look at the project page here for more information and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming construction shots.

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When the Weather gets Extreme get inside a Habitech House

Did you catch ABC’s 7:30 Report last week on how poorly much of Australia’s current housing stocks perform in heat, particularly when conditions get extreme like the temperatures we are experiencing right now.

With temperatures across Victoria expected to hit 40C and over today and potential power outages we need to seriously look at improving housing standards to make Australian homes more heat resistant and less reliant on energy-zapping air conditioning.

Habitech Homes are specifically designed and built for a changing planet, our houses are designed in-line with passive solar principles with proper insulation and sealing to buffer out the extremes of both hot and cold weather. Investing in a well designed, high thermal performance building shell allows Habitech houses to remain comfortable all year round with radically reduced active heating and cooling - lowering electricity demands by around 80%.

Watch ABC’s 7:30 Report here.

Update On Our Thornbury Courtyard House

Our Thornbury Courtyard House is starting to take shape, our panels were only delivered last week and now they’re being installed. The team at Dwyer Constructions are doing a great job especially in this heat.

These photos were taken at our site visit yesterday just before our open day for our Network of Builders. This is a great opportunity for the builders to see how quick and easy it is to install our panels. We will hopefully be conducting an open day for the general public soon, so keep an eye out on social media or via our Newsletter.

More details regarding this project can be found here.

Thornbury Courtyard House Receives the First Panel Delivery for 2019

We are back in production for the year here at Habitech, with the wall panels for our Thornbury Courtyard House being delivered this week. Tony Dwyer from Dwyer Constructions has done a great job setting out the bottom plates for the design, which in this case are using our detailing for a fully insulated hydronic slab to be poured during the later stages of the project.

Details of the project can be viewed here.

PASSIVE house made easy

Our Canberra Passive House project has just undergone door blower testing and blitzed the air sealing results required by the international Passive House standards.

This testing is required to prove the air-sealing of a projects building shell as built - as opposed to NatHERS energy ratings which generate a ‘Star rating’ based on software modelling only. The door blower test literally fits a fan to a door opening, then pressurises the building (to a standardised 50KPa pressure) and measures how much air leaks from the building. To achieve accreditation under the Passive House standards, houses have to be tested to achieve a minimum air-leakage of 0.6 air-changes.

Our Canberra Passive House project has achieved 0.19 air-changes - or under 1/3 of the minimum Passive House standard .

With our clients seeing the value of the comfort and energy efficiency passive house building shells provide in Canberra’s climate, thermal performance was a major design focus as we worked through the opportunities of the site and Canberra’s planning requirements. Our clients and the team at Brillyant Building have done a great job installing our modular fabric, high performance windows and sealing the building shell.

To get an understanding of how well air-sealed Australian houses are, and how this compares to international and passive house standards, refer to the graph at the bottom of this post.

Further information on the international passive House standard can be found here.

To learn more about our Canberra Passive House project , click here.

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Door Blower Test Diagram - Habitech Systems 2018

Door Blower Test Diagram - Habitech Systems 2018

Mornington Project featuring on TV this weekend - OPEN HOMES AUSTRALIA

We are looking forward to seeing our Mornington Beachhouses project will be featured on Open Homes Australia on Channel 9 Life this weekend. The project won the HIA Townhouse of the Year Award for Craig McPhan at Individual Builders and the program includes interviews with both him and our clients,

The program will provide a chance to see the way the houses relate to their sensitive creek side location and stunning northern views out over Port Phillip Bay. It will also give some insights into how our clients are enjoying living in the interiors of our modular, super insulated panel system creates.

Tune into Channel 9 Life at local Melbourne time 5:30pm this Saturday evening (Dec 1) to find out more about how the project was designed, built and is being enjoyed by our clients.

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Herald Sun Features Our Hawthorn Reimagined Project

Did you see our project in the Herald Sun Realestate this weekend?

Herald Sun approached us a while back to write a story on our Hawthorn Reimagined project, we didn’t expect a double-page spread. The article includes interviews with the owners Lily and Jonathan and photos captured by our photographer Nic Granleese.

Before its transformation Lily recalled “it was the darkest, ugliest, smelliest house on the street”. It couldn’t be more different now with visitors commenting on the abundance of light even on dark winter days.

Have a read through the article here.

Reduce your Build Time with Habitech Panels

For most people a long-drawn out messy building site isn’t something you look forward to when building your dream home, but it is often the case when it comes to conventional builds. With our panel system this isn’t the case and Marcus our builder explains in the video below how quick and easy it is to build with Habitech Panels.

Marcus elaborates on his experience working with our panels to deliver to the clients a light, quick and systematic building service, reducing time onsite and disturbance to your lifestyle. Our customised panels not only guarantees the delivery of a good quality product but ensures the build to be a quick, clean and easy process, eliminating communication barriers that will save you a considerable amount of time and money.

Habitech is the smart way to go and we are not shy about telling you the benefits of our building system.

Canberra Passive House Visit

We recently had the chance to visit one of our projects in Canberra, which has been designed to the German Passive House standard. Aligned with our technology and the way we build our houses, building the house to these standards will provide our clients with years of stable temperatures and indoor comfort in Canberra’s chilling mornings and hot summer days.

To find out more about passive house and it’s benefits take a look at our Passive House page here.

We got to meet the guys from Brillyant Building who have done a great job installing our panels on their first Habitech build.

Habitech Featured on Grand Designs NZ

Here’s your chance to watch/re-watch the Grand Designs New Zealand episode on our New Zealand project, Andrei’s House. The episode follows Andrei and Abby who want to build a better, healthier, warmer, earthquake-proof family home using our wall panel system.

This project was completed in 2016 and was broadcast as the season finale for Series 2 in April 2017 as the “Earthquake Rebuild”. ABC have made it available again on iView until 25 November 2018 so don’t miss it.

You can find the episode here on ABC iView:

More details on the project page here:

Construction is well underway for Warrandyte Outlook

Coming up from the ground fast our project in Warrandyte, VIC is beginning to take shape.

Now that the slab is in place you can get a good sense of the views there’ll have from their hillside vantage point. The landscaping is also taking shape, inspired by the surrounding environment, boulders are already in place to create a natural landscape.

Keep an eye out for the next Warrandyte update when our panels should be going up.

Check out the project page here.

Another award for Habitech - Thank you Bayside City Council!

We were invited to the Built Environment Awards last night as our Hampton House was nominated in 2 categories, the “Best Ecologically Sustainable Design” and the “Most Creative”.

This event celebrates the outstanding new architectural design in Bayside covering the suburbs of Beaumaris, Black Rock, Brighton, Brighton East, Hampton, Hampton East, Sandringham,  and parts of Highett and Cheltenham.

Thank you Bayside City Council for recognising our ethos and we were over the moon when announced as the Winner for the “Best Ecologically Sustainable Design”.

It was as if the council read our mind as we are planning to carry out a Door Blower Test for our Hampton House soon, this is just the perfect motivation to get it happening!

Habitech Senior Architect Jon Pye receiving the award

Habitech Senior Architect Jon Pye receiving the award

Easement House - Another Challenging Site

Easement House is a new project about to get underway with construction starting soon.

This was another difficult site to work with as a storm-water easement runs straight through the middle limiting the main construction zone to a narrow strip against the north boundary. This constraint lead to an interesting design that maximises the available space by creating a modest double storey house with a roof spanning across the easement to a functional storage shed.

Take a look at the project page here and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming construction shots.

Houzz Features Alpine House as a Vernacular House

Alpine House was featured in a great article on Houzz the other day on sustainable design and vernacular housing. Unfortunately it was written in Japanese but lucky for you we found the original that’s in English.

The article mentions how climate-responsive architecture can significantly decrease your utility and maintenance bills over the lifetime of a house.

Read the full article titled ‘Sustainable Design: Lessons We Can Learn From Vernacular Housing’ by Rebecca Gross here.

Chris Barnett in East Melbourne, VIC, AU on Houzz

A Backyard Extension Beside the Creek

Our Elster Creek Extension is a recently completed project situated next to Elster Creek in Elwood VIC.

The extension is an addition to the original brick single-fronted house that opens out into a courtyard garden. The new living space and bathroom supplements the existing bedrooms and living room. Effective glazing and carefully positioned shading makes this a comfortable and low energy addition to their home.

Read more about the project on the project page here.

Modern-Day Makeover For Our Swiss Chalet Style House

With the fit-out now underway for our extension in Templestowe, the modern-day makeover is starting to take shape - giving the old Swiss style chalet house a 21st century upgrade with effective insulation and sustainable design solutions.

This project utilises our panels for an upper-storey extension, which includes a replacement roof for the existing structure.

The following photos were taken during the lock-up stage meeting. Keep an eye out for more photos as the project nears completion.

Millthorpe House Our NSW Project

Our Millthorpe House is a project based in Millthorpe, NSW a collaborative project with Sydney based sustainable design firm, Anderson Architecture.

While we mainly work by providing full architectural services we can work collaboratively with other architects such as this project where we were engaged at the early stages of the design process and were able to guide and revise the architects to ensure an efficient and functional integration of our wall panel system.

Check out the project here.

Seddon Gardener's Extension Lockup Stage

Our extension in Seddon is nearing completion and the clients are looking forward to moving in. Their new home will be a modern, energy efficient, functional home with the luxury of an indoor toilet - the old dunny will stay too.

The extension to the rear of the existing bluestone cottage will add a modern twist to the old heritage property. The internal courtyard and extended grounds will flood the house with natural light and open the house to the outdoors.

We’ll keep you updated on this interesting project but in the meantime have a look at the project page here.