Our Solution

The development of Habitech's innovative modular building components has been driven by a 'cradle-to cradle' mindset - refining a system that can ultimately become truly sustainable in having a positive environmental impact.

Our wall system currently works to take carbon out of the atmosphere and locks it up in the base materials we so efficiently use to construct a building. Ultimately we want to work towards capturing nutrient cycles within sustainable plantation forestry.

With this long-term goal in mind, it is no coincidence our system is based on a modular, flat-packed solution. 



Innovative component based approach

Habitech's system has been developed considering the most efficient scale of manufacturing building elements. We create the structure and outer shell of a house with a series of high-quality manufactured components.

These components:

  • offer great design flexibility
  • can be carried by hand easily with just 2 people
  • are perfect for constrained sites with limited access
  • utilise flat-pack transport efficiencies

Our innovative modular wall panels draw on proven Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) technology performance. We have refined this technology further specifically for the Australian climate and building industry.

To our knowledge, Habitech's patented wall panels, manufactured in Melbourne, are the only panels in the world:

  • delivering an advanced cladding system as part of a the panel installation
  • fully engineered to comply with the National Construction Code of Australia (formerly the BCA)
  • specifically designed for Australian conditions and trade skill bases 

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High Performance

With over 20 years of experience in sustainable architecture and ESD consulting, we understand the benefits of high performance houses.

Habitech's approach focusses on delivering our components to create super-strong and super-insulated houses - offering our clients next-generation sustainability performance. Designed to get a house weather tight and secure quickly, our sustainable building system is efficiently constructed.

Habitech houses are designed and built using the following super-insulated modular building components:

  • Wall panels – structural wall panels that include a full cladding system and deliver R 4.3 insulation - in place and without the thermal bridges and air gaps of traditional 'bricks & sticks' construction.
  • Roof – long spanning steel sandwich panels delivering R 5.3 insulation-  in place and without the thermal bridges and air gaps of traditional framed roofs
  • Doors and windows – we deliver a timber framed window as a standard, but are able to work with any window manufacture to fit the desired quality of doors and windows you may wish to use in your house.

Habitech integrates energy efficiency building services into our houses from the design stage, commonly using Heat Recovery ventilation systems as the basis to providing and distributing fresh, conditioned air throughout the living spaces we create.


Traditional vs Habitech approach

Traditional ApproachHabitech Approach

Sticks and bricks

Composite, monocoque construction

In-fill batt insulation - often poorly installed Continuous & effective insulation - delivered in place

Bracing applied to stiffen frame All wall panels are self bracing

Cladding - access and labour intensive Advanced cladding system delivered by panels

Strength Over 8 times as strong as conventional framing

Roof trusses or rafters Little, if any, roof structure needed for our long spanning panels

Multiple trades to cordinate Single installation team installs the complete outer shell of the house

Months building on weather exposed sites House weathertight and secure in a matter of weeks

Cost risk due to complexity Greater cost surety, with all Habitech components fully quoted at early design stages