The Art Block



Brief: Family Home – 3 Bedrooms + Studios + Garage

Location: Hobart, Tasmania

Climate:  Temperate

Architect:  Third Skin

Area: Approx. 135sqm + Garage & Workspaces

Situated in a newly subdivided block of land in the quiet suburb of Dynnyrne, the Art Block has been designed to take advantage of its sloping site and picturesque views. The gradual incline of the land has allowed Habitech designers to optimise outlook towards the main town below and provide our clients with sweeping views across the valley towards Mount Wellington. The Art Block’s unique location has also informed the arrangement of the living spaces located on the middle level.

Although relatively compact is size, the Art Block’s cleanly stacked geometric forms brings sophisticated modernism back into the suburban street. As our clients are also highly motivated artists, studio work spaces have been integrated within the design to provide direct ground access with sleeping and recreation spaces provided in the upper levels of the home.

The Art Block is planned for long term use by our clients so its spaces are functional and flexible, able to accommodate for future changes in family life. With new subdivisions, comes new opportunities – Habitech’s Art Block stands testament to our passion for high quality and personalised design.